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Matrox G200 MMS

Reinforcing its position as a multi-monitor trailblazer, Matrox Graphics Inc. has once again developed the most flexible and highly advanced solution in the industry. Introducing the new Matrox G200 Multi-Monitor Series; the first graphics card ever to support up to four DVI digital flat panel displays on a single 8" PCI board.With continuing demand for digital flat panels in the financial workplace, the Matrox G200 MMS is the ultimate in flexible solutions. The Matrox G200 MMS also supports the new digital video interface (DVI) created by the Digital Display Working Group (DDWG) designed to ease the adoption of digital flat panels. Other configurations include composite video capture ability and onboard TV tuner, making the Matrox G200 MMS the complete solution for business needs.Based on the award-winning MGA-G200 graphics chip, the Matrox G200 Multi-Monitor Series provides superior 2D/3D graphics acceleration to meet the demanding needs of business applications such as real-time stock quotes (Versus), live video feeds (Reuters & Bloombergs), multiple windows applications, word processing, spreadsheets and CAD.

Matrox G400 32MB

Dramatically Different High Performance GraphicsIntroducing the Millennium G400 Series - a dramatically different, high performance graphics experience. Armed with the industry's fastest graphics chip, the Millennium G400 Series takes explosive acceleration two steps further by adding unprecedented image quality, along with the most versatile display options for all your 3D, 2D and DVD applications. As the most powerful and innovative tools in your PC's arsenal, the Millennium G400 Series will not only change the way you see graphics, but will revolutionize the way you use your computer.Key features:New Matrox G400 256-bit DualBus graphics chipExplosive 3D, 2D and DVD performanceDualHead DisplaySuperior DVD and TV output3D Environment-Mapped Bump MappingVibrant Color Quality rendering UltraSharp DAC of up to 360 MHz3D Rendering Array ProcessorSupport for 16 or 32 MB of memory

Microsoft IntelliMouse Pro

Every element of IntelliMouse Pro - from its unique arched shape to the texture of the rubber grip around its base - is the product of extensive customer and ergonomic research. Microsoft's popular wheel control, which now allows zooming and universal scrolling functions, gives IntelliMouse Pro outstanding comfort and efficiency.

Microsoft Internet Keyboard PS/2

The Internet Keyboard has 10 Hot Keys on a comfortable standard keyboard design that also includes a detachable palm rest. The Hot Keys allow you to browse the web, or check e-mail directly from your keyboard. The IntelliType Pro software also allows you to customize your hot keys - make the Internet Keyboard work the way you want it to!

Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer

Microsoft introduces its most advanced mouse, the IntelliMouse Explorer! IntelliMouse Explorer features a sleek design, an industrial-silver finish, a glowing red underside and taillight, creating a style and look unlike any other mouse. IntelliMouse Explorer combines the accuracy and reliability of Microsoft IntelliEye optical tracking technology, the convenience of two new customizable function buttons, the efficiency of the scrolling wheel and the comfort of expert ergonomic design. All these great features make this the best mouse for the PC!

Hewlett Packard LaserJet 1100Xi Linked

HP has always set the pace in laser printing technology. The new generation HP LaserJet 1100 series sets another impressive pace, delivering a stunning 8 pages per minute print speed. The 600 dpi print resolution with HP's Resolution Enhancement technology (REt) makes every document more professional.Enhanced print speed and laser quality results are just the beginning. With 2MB standard memory, HP LaserJet 1100xi users will be able to print increasingly complex pages. Memory can be increased to 18MB to tackle even more complex documents with ease. The HP LaserJet 1100xi supports key operating systems including Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, NT 4.0, OS/2 and DOS. Network compatibility available via the optional HP JetDirect External Print Servers.HP LaserJet 1100xi also features The Document Builder for the Web Era from Trellix Corp. (featuring software to create Web documents).

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